Samsung-dong office building

Seoul Eoullim Sports Center

Seoul Dongeui Elementary School

Korea public housing competition

Andong office building

Yeoui ferry terminal competition

Wirye House

Charnel house

Seowoon garden pension (remodeling)

Seowoon park administration & amenity

Gwangneung memorial park

Byeol-nea central library

National theater of korea

Hwacheon ecology park & museum

Chungdam-dong office bulding

Sinsa marquillee hair shop

Music hall, university of seoul

Shinsa-dong officetel

Hwayang-dong housing

Songpa hospital for pregnant woman

Anam-dong housing

Swiss perfection

Gogi-dong housing

Urban poly

Mungyeong office building

Place lalla yedouna

World christian museum

Seoneong memorial park

Senior walfare center

Damyang drive in hotel

Gapyung 3 house

Geumsan house

Induk university

FOS dental clinic

Seowoon park pension3

Seowoon park masterplan

Seowoon park ticket booth & shop

Architects atelier

Han-river waterfront project

Yongin mobile world

Yecheon house

Seoul, buam-dong house 1

Anyang orphange

Seowoon pension 2

Phocheon memorial park

Seowoon pension 1

Stockholm public library

Jeongok prehistory museum

International library of czech

Seoul, galhyeon-dong housing

Public administration town

Pyeongyang pediatric hospital

Busan, songjung-dong cafe

Seoul, buam-dong house 2

Seoul, performing art center

Busan, office building


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